Revolutionary Pool Coating for Unmatched Durability

Experience the future of pool coatings with our innovative polyethylene powder coating. Our seamless and durable finish is applied using advanced techniques, ensuring quick curing and long-lasting results.

Man in a drained pool using a flame torch to apply Flamed Finish

Cutting-Edge Technology

Flamed Finish® is a cutting-edge pool finish that offers seamless and long-lasting protection for swimming pools. Applied with precision using compressed air and heat, it cures quickly to create a flawless finish.

Unmatched Quality

Explore the Unparalleled benefits of Flamed Finish®

Our premium polyethylene powder coating transcends traditional protection; it revolutionizes your pool experience. With an emphasis on accelerating project completion, we provide a finish that cures rapidly, ensuring superior durability without compromise. This method enhances your pool's resilience and aesthetic appeal, offering a pristine, low-maintenance pool environment for you to enjoy sooner.

Close-up of a hand expertly applying a flamed finish to a surface using a specialized tool.

Superior Durability

This finish stands as a testament to innovation, offering a solution that actively resists chipping, flaking, and peeling.

Image showcasing clear pool water revealing a smooth, slip-resistant finish beneath.

Slip Resistant

Unlike smooth pool finishes, Flamed Finish® provides exceptional underwater traction, minimizing the risk of slips and falls, especially for children and older adults.

Outdoor pool featuring a cascading waterfall wall and crystal-clear water, set in a serene landscape.

Fast Project Completion

With our rapid curing time, your pool project will be completed promptly, allowing immediate swimming after application.

Before and After

Elegant Transformations

See the stunning transformations of our pool coatings.

Image of an unmaintained pool with murky green water, indicating algae growth and neglect.

Color: Blue Lagoon

Photograph of a pool with crystal-clear water and a sleek flamed finish coating on the surrounding surface.

Color: French Grey

Experience the most modern, durable, and seamless coating for your swimming pool.