Why Flamed Finish®?

Experience the modern, durable, and seamless pool coating solution that cures in no time.

Man in a drained pool using a flame torch to apply Flamed Finish
The benefits

Why Choose Flamed Finish®?

Discover the many benefits of selecting Flamed Finish® as your pool’s coating. From its long warranty to its smooth and uniform surface, we are confident you will find features that will enhance the experience for both you and your swimmers.

10 Year Warranty

Flamed Finish® is made to withstand years of use, meaning there is less maintenance and repair.

"Balance & Swim"

Simply balance your pool’s water chemistry and fill. Additionally, it can accommodate the use of automatic pool cleaning and heating devices right from day one!

Damage Resistant

Say goodbye to chipping, flaking, and peeling with our high-quality coating that withstands all kinds of wear-and-tear.

Extremely Stain Resistant

Flamed Finish® resists stains, keeping your pool looking pristine with minimal effort.

Uniform Color

The secret to a picture-perfect pool, with uniform color that never fades or disappoints.

Discover Your Perfect Color

Explore our wide range of vibrant color options.

Image depicting the Kona Coast swatch color, characterized by a whitesmoke hue with subtle undertones of grey and light blue.
Kona Coast
Swatch of Blue Mist color, showcasing a light blue base interspersed with black and white speckles.
Blue Mist
Swatch of Blue Lagoon color, featuring a bright light blue with white and dark gray grains.
Blue Lagoon
Swatch of Mediterranean Blue, displaying a grainy texture with hints of near-black and white smoke accents.
Mediterranean Blue
Swatch of Midnight Blue, a dark blue, almost black, grainy texture accented with hints of black and off-white.
Midnight Blue
Swatch of Sahara Sand, showcasing a beige hue complemented by speckled dark grey accents.
Sahara Sand
Swatch of Blue Granite, featuring a light, almost white blue base with specks of white, light gray, and dark gray.
Blue Granite
Grey Reef Sample Swatch
Grey Reef
Swatch of French Grey, presenting a color palette that appears grainy, showcasing hues of black, dark grey, and white, with the graininess pertaining to the color's appearance rather than the texture of the finish.
French Grey
Perle Noire Sample Swatch
Perle Noire

*Samples displayed are a representation of the actual manufacturer’s color. Colors may vary slightly from those shown. Ask your Sales Representative for actual color samples before purchasing.

Innovative ideas

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This cutting-edge technology delivers a seamless, effortless finish that protects your pool against the elements and the ravages of wear and tear, ensuring lasting vibrant beauty. Discover a vibrant oasis that endures season after season, where effortless beauty meets unmatched performance.

Image of a male worker, seen from the back, applying a flamed finish to a pool coating using a specialized tool.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about Flamed Finish® and our coating for swimming pools.

Experience the most modern, durable, and seamless coating for your swimming pool.